Scale-up Hero of The Month June 2019 – Alessandra from

Every month, we at Statum award an employee at a scale-up company as ‘Scale-up Hero Of The Month’. This month we have chosen an employee who has made an extraordinary contribution to the growth and company DNA over the last couple of months at Alessandra Peroncini.


Thomas Jarolics, CSO at, has the following reason for the nomination of Alessandra:

“Alessandra has been on an incredible personal and professional journey. She moved from Italy to Copenhagen three years ago to study a master. As if the culture shift wasn’t a big enough challenge she decided to apply for a sales position at Clerk after she finished her masters. Even though she didn’t have any sales experience, before Clerk, she has exceeded and over-performed nine months in a row. She has been really committed to learning, made an impact on both our growth and our culture and she have become a role model at”. 

I had a talk with Alessandra to get to know her and her job at

Tell me a little about yourself, Alessandra.

“My name is Alessandra, I’m 25 years old and I come from Italy. Once I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics in Milan, I moved to Copenhagen to complete my education with a Master’s Degree at CBS. I didn’t originally plan to stay in Denmark after my graduation, but I instantly fell in love with Copenhagen and decided to prolong my stay and get a job. And today, two years later, I am glad to say that I took the right decision”.


Happy to hear that! What do you work with at

“At, I work as Sales Executive for the Italian B2B market. In a nutshell, I get in contact with good prospects on a daily basis, I then present them with the advantages of our amazing AI technology to improve their webshops in terms of UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation. Finally, I formulate the best deal to bring them on board and make them as happy and satisfied as possible”.

“In practice, however, it’s a lot more than that. It’s about understanding the needs and challenges of the people who run a business, to provide them with the perfect solution to their problems, as well as the best tools to bring their company to the next level”.


Sounds interesting! What is the best part of your job?

“There are many different aspects that make me love my job. First and foremost, I love the human side of it. Clerk’s open and horizontal culture creates the most positive environment at work, where there’s mutual support when facing tough moments, as well as shared joy and happiness when celebrating successes. And it’s also great fun!”.

“Another aspect that I cherish, is the flexibility. It’s not just like any “9 to 5 job”, where everything is the same every day, with tight schedules and repetitive tasks. My colleagues and I get to organize our working day fairly independently, according to our own priorities and necessities. As long as we bring in the results, we are free to choose the tools, the schedule and the techniques that best match our personal skills”.


 You must have some good techniques. I’ve heard that you have hit your target 9 months in a row without any previous sales experience. What’s your ‘secret sauce’?

“Personally, I don’t think I have any secret recipe for success. What worked for me since the beginning was to be “a sponge”: I tried to be open and absorb as much information as possible and learn from my more experienced colleagues. Other than that, motivation and curiosity were – and still are – two key aspects that pushed me to focus on the job, strive for improvement and aim at succeeding”.

“However, it goes without saying that I wouldn’t have made it to this point without the support of my team. I’m lucky enough to work with amazing people, that helped me along the way with advice, positivity and sincere encouragement without ulterior motives. In other words, working together as a team with a common purpose is what makes you succeed both individually and as part of the company as a whole”.


Why did you choose to be a part of a scale-up like in the first place?

“As soon as I arrived in Copenhagen, I fell in love with the city and the Danish lifestyle and I knew I wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. After my graduation, I decided to kick-start my career at because I found it to be the best place to rapidly pursue professional and personal growth. Indeed a scale-up company like is the perfect starting point for people like me: freshly graduated with little to no previous work experience, but eager to learn, full of enthusiasm and motivation to move their first steps into the work market”.

“In addition to that, I was intrigued by the product, in which I strongly believe, and excited to explore the potential of the Italian market, in its opportunities and criticalities”.


What’s keeping you happy at

I’ve been working at for one year now and I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of its extraordinary growth and success across Europe. With regards to the Italian market, my team and I have witnessed a rapid and florid expansion, and new opportunities are opening up for us by the day.

The fact that I’m contributing hands-on to Clerk’s growth and maturation, is extremely rewarding and motivates me to stay and see what comes next. At the moment there are all the best conditions for Clerk to have the brightest future, and I’m excited to be part of it.


Your management have nominated you for ‘Scaleup Hero Of The Month’ because they think you have been on an incredible personal and professional journey since you joined Clerk. You took a sales job at Clerk even though you had no sales experience. You have been really committed to learning and have become a role model at Clerk by over-performing and exceeding your targets every month. You have made an impact on both Clerk’s growth and culture. How do you feel about these reasons?

“I’m overwhelmed and grateful for the chance and trust I’ve been given over the past year. I was very aware at the beginning of the risk that my employer decided to take by hiring someone like me, with no sales experience”.

“At the same time, this very reason has motivated me to do my best on the job and to demonstrate through my daily work that they took the right decision by hiring me”.

“Up to now, it has been the most amazing journey to work at, as it allowed me to challenge myself, both personally and professionally, and helped me develop my skills and boost my confidence. My ambition today is to keep up with the positive trend of the last 9 months and to continue giving my active contribution to Clerk’s growth”.


Finally, what is your best advice for making a difference in a growth company?

“Growth companies provide the best environment to challenge yourself and develop new skills that you didn’t think you had in the first place. Each and every employee’s contribution matters and plays a fundamental part in the success of the company”.

“My suggestion would be to embrace every day with a positive mindset and enthusiasm, without being afraid to make mistakes or have a slow start, because all the work you put in day by day will eventually pay off”.

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