Scale-up Hero of The Month May 2019 – Bogdana from Contractbook

Every month, we at Statum award an employee at a scale-up company as ‘Scale-up Hero Of The Month’. This month we have chosen an employee who has made an extraordinary contribution to the growth and company DNA over the last couple of months at Contractbook: Bogdana Konovalenko.

Viktor Heide, the COO and co-founder of Contractbook, has the following reason for the nomination of Bogdana:

Bogdana is a fairly new employee but have already made the foundation for Contractbook’s future scaling with her work around billing and migration of our current user base. Furthermore, she has brought a lot of structure and attention to detail into Contractbook’s DNA which has been needed”.


I had a talk with Bogdana to get to know her and her job at Contractbook:

Tell me a little about yourself, Bogdana.

“My name is Bogdana and I’m 28 years old, I’m a mathematician by education who lives in Ukraine. I have experience working in different areas and countries, such as finances, telecom and the most interesting is Health Care reformation. Lately, I have worked remotely as a part of the international team with headquarters in Copenhagen”.


So, what do you work with at Contractbook?

“Currently, I work as a Product Manager at Contractbook. This allows me to combine lots of areas which I like and be a part of a product and a team that develops, changes and grows with each and every day.”

“A position such as this has a lot of challenges and possibilities. It allows me to analyze customer needs and problems that currently exist, and to predict future needs, find solutions to solve them and give users a product which brings them new, genuine experiences. Another side of my job is to see where processes can be restructured or improved inside the company, so everybody from team members to customers can realize advantages.”


What is the best part about your job?

“I do love when everything is well structured and planned, as this can provide a better overview of what and when can be expected from a product. It also allows for improved communications with customers in terms of expectations and deadlines. However, I also like how we can experiment and try different approaches and methods, how we are open to hear the opinion of each team member and make an environment which is comfortable for everyone. That’s the base of our company.”

“Another huge motivation for me, is being able to see the results of our work in various numbers. When I see the growth and positive trends on different graphs like MRR, conversion rates or user activity, see how our decisions make changes, how the number of bugs and issues are decreasing – this motivates me to do more and better”.


To get nominated you must make a big difference at Contractbook. What’s your ‘secret sauce’?

“I think it’s not that much about myself, but myself and the team together. We are all making product as if it was our own and for ourselves. For none of us, this is simply a ‘9 to 5 job’, it’s more like a lifestyle or family where everybody tries their best to support each other and encourage each other to keep doing what we all believe in. I truly think that to be good at your job you need to believe in the vision and affect other people with it. I like how Contractbook brings transparency, easy access to documents, and how it changes the signature process and decreases the time people need to spend completing contracts. We give people instruments to save time, allowing them to spend it on their hobbies or family or anything else valuable for them”.


Why did you choose to be a part of a scale-up like Contractbook in the first place?

“I believe the first reason was the team. I knew how supportive and friendly the atmosphere was inside the company, how people were flexible and constantly open to new ideas, how eager they were to try new approaches to build a comfortable and productive atmosphere. I have experience working in big corporations where everything goes within set rules and each change takes enormous amounts of time to implement”.

“Contractbook is a growing company and if I or anybody else has an idea that could be valuable to the product itself or to a team, we try it and quite soon we can see positive or negative results. Same with the product; we can make assumptions and hypotheses and try them. It’s not like working in a large corporation, where you need to wait for half a year, or even longer, to see the results of your work. Being able to quickly receive positive or negative feedback and react to it is priceless.”

“The second reason I chose to be part of Contractbook was a product itself. The legal area is something new for me, and in comparison to other fields, it’s not very digitized yet. I was quite curious to see how Contractbook brings changes to this area, and to see the reaction and feedback of people in the industry. I previously worked for financial and telecom companies, which already have a very strong fit in their markets, with defined segments of users. In comparison, Contractbook is very new to the market and it is incredibly interesting to observe its progress day to day”.


Your management has nominated you for Scaleup Hero Of The Month because you have made the foundation for Contractbook’s future scaling with your work around billing and migration of their user base. Furthermore, they have nominated you because of the structure you bring into Contractbook’s DNA. How do you feel about these reasons?

“When I joined the team there already was an “everybody loves everybody” atmosphere. I tried to maintain that and also bring my individual value to the team. The billing project is one of my first projects in Contractbook. This feature was well thought through and based on customer behavior and requirements. It allows us to create a product which is customized, based on the needs of particular users, and provides price-value propositions for each user. The feature was quite complex and required a lot of changes, and we were able to meet our deadline because each team member was ready to accept the challenge, go the extra mile and overcome it”.


Finally, what is your best advice for making a difference in a growth company?

“A growth company is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself. I don’t believe that people should stick only to their responsibilities. Growing small companies are a chance to be creative, to try yourself in different areas, test your ideas, and to grow yourself together with the company.”

“There is no secret or ‘# steps to be successful’, just be enthusiastic, believe in what you do, trust people around you and don’t try to overcome all problems at once. Step by step, you will be able to see positive changes.”