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Teamwork & Benefits

In Templafy they take good team spirit seriously, so they organise dedicated team building at least once a quarter. In Templafy they are fond of one another, so they get together at a monthly Friday bar. In Templafy they do not stint on socialising, so you can expect a big party at least once a quarter. They supply a company phone, if it is relevant to your job. Don’t worry if you have a bad night’s sleep, there is plenty of free coffee to help you keep going. Not even the toughest of us can get by without food and drink. They know that, so it goes without saying that they have a lunch scheme. They think about your future and so provide a pension scheme. They are also aware how boring it can be to eat breakfast alone at home. So they provide breakfast at the office. If water gets boring in the long run, you can look forward to free soft drinks. There is the option of flexible working hours if it is necessary.

  • Team building
  • Friday bar
  • Big parties
  • Company phone
  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Pension scheme
  • Breakfast
  • Soft drink
  • Flexitime


I Templafy there are 52 members of staff, so you will never feel lonely. There are many different nationalities, in fact an impressive 16. That means you will have ample opportunity to learn about cultures other than that of Denmark. They mainly speak English in the company. More than half of the company’s employees are men. They are growing substantially and this year alone they are planning on hiring 30 new colleagues, and maybe you could be one of them.

  • International
  • English
  • Lots of new colleagues

Reward and feedback

Good work deserves to be rewarded, and in Templafy they usually do this with a cash bonus. They want to make sure you are ok and that everything is going as it should. Therefore, they organise appraisal interviews with you on a monthly basis.

  • Appraisal interviews


Templafy cares about your development, so provides internal training to improve your skills. Templafy also provides external training as required - at their expense. The conditions for people who are ambitious are good in Templafy. They prefer recruiting managers internally. Templafy cares about you as a person, so would like to retain you, even though you might be tired of your duties. Therefore there is an opportunity to change department or duties, if the situation calls for it. If you want to be a specialist, this is the right place for you. The usual development opportunity consists of more complex duties and thereby more responsibility. They are also keen for you to get off to a proper start in their company. That is why they allocate several works for training you.

  • Internal training
  • External training
  • Opportunity for promotion
  • New duties
  • Induction training


In Templafy it is often about pulling together, so they reward the team that gets the result. Here, employees usually work independently, so you are not dependent on other people for achieving your goal. So on the while they expect you to tackle a task by yourself.


In Templafy their focus is on employees taking their own responsibility for their efficiency and goals, and the way they achieve them. They take both your opinions and those of other employees into account, when making decisions. However, the management make it clear that if they believe it is right to take a different approach, they will.


In the organisation there are only two layers of management. So there is not much distance between top and bottom. By extension, they describe themselves as a flat organisation. They work in a focused way: better for something to take an hour than to remain half done. Their organisation is very diverse in terms of age, and your colleagues will be both young and more mature. In Templafy the members of staff sit in an open office landscape. In other words, you will be close to your colleagues in your everyday work. Templafy has a good foundation. That is why next year will be dedicated to the company’s growth.


It is the management who make the everyday decisions in Templafy. In Templafy they are open about ups and downs. So you will know when things are going well and when things are not going so well. In general, strategic decision-making is heavily influenced by the top executives. In Templafy they will do their utmost to motivate their employees. In fact, so much so that they are open to giving their employees equity interest in the company.

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