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Pleo er en firmakort-løsning, som klarer alle udgiftsrapporter og gør det lettere at håndtere en virksomheds udgifter.

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Account Manager Swedish 27/9/2018


Pleo makes it easier for people to do their job. Previously, buying things for work was a pain – borrowing credit cards, paying out of your own pocket, transporting a fat wad of receipts to scan when you’re back at the office, or filling out seemingly endless expense forms. All in all you waste a lot of time not doing your job just so you can do your job.

We change that. Every employee is entrusted with their own company card. Whenever you make a purchase with that card, you get an instant push notification, snap a quick photo of the receipt – and your expense report is done. We save companies and the people that work for them a lot of time and money. They’re pretty happy about that. A solution for future workplaces.

A startup located in the heart of Copenhagen, we’re a small but growing team of 50 passionate and different people from all around the world. Backed by some solid investors like Creandum and Kinnevik, we’ve got ambitious plans for the future. We just raised our series A and are rapidly scaling our organisation and to new markets

Our team currently consists of over 50 ambitious employees, with an Account Manager team of 7. Our culture is our biggest asset! It's built on transparency and trust and everyone is expected to take leadership and have a ‘go do’ attitude. We're all in the same boat and are creating huge stuff together. We're a Team during the day and a Family at night.

The Pleo mindset is international and our small team already covers 15 different nationalities. We speak English in our office.



  • On a daily basis meet with new potential customers (physically or virtually), run product demos and ensure that leads are turned into sales - you will also be in charge of growing your own portfolio

  • Manage several companies at once, that are all in different stages of the sales cycle.Our sales process is dynamic and fast. You are geared to close sales every day!

  • Together with our marketing team, you will be expected to come up with ideas for events,conferences and advertising which can help us generate leads

  • You will assist our Customer Success team in activating our new customers

  • You will sync with the product team on the feedback you receive from the front line (so that this information can be fed into the product planning)


  • BSc./MSc. and/or a proven sales background

  • Ability to confidently meet with customers (from target companies from 3 - 400 people) and drive a sales agenda

  • Clear and confident communication - often you will meet business owners and financial folks.

  • Organised and detail oriented working process and always eager to follow up and complete open tasks

  • Entrepreneurial mindset. You are curious to learn new things. We use cutting edge processes and technologies in everything from lead generation, qualification, CRM and activity tracking. You are able to both use and help improve our processes

  • Passionate and driven personality with a hands on attitude. You're a team player and are dreaming of creating something BIG with other inspiring people

  • Native Swedish language skills

  • Copenhagen based



  • An opportunity to accelerate your career

  • A central role in a team on an exciting international growth journey

  • Great colleagues and an international working environment with weekly social activities

  • An office space with a great view and a nice terrace in the central Copenhagen meatpacking district

  • Market competitive compensation package

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Account Manager Germany 26/9/2018

If you're looking for a typical sales job, you're in the wrong place.

What we're looking for is a natural leader who believes that a steep personal journey is the best way to grow, and would like to prove themselves through scale. We're looking for someone who will start in one role, and use their account management skills to progress them into another role that might not even exist today.

This highly ambitious role is not for the faint-hearted. The personal - and company - growth curve you'll see is comparable to none. This is a role where autonomy is not only encouraged, but also required. And the most exciting part? You'll be a part of building the future of work.

What's the product?

We are Pleo - it's a part of who we are as a tech company. We help customers to delegate employee spending through a business spending platform. This ends out of pocket spending, encourages autonomy and trust in employees, and takes a huge burden off the finance team. You'll be selling the SaaS tool (expensing platform) that comes with physical pre-paid cards (so with a fintech twist) that are then distributed to all employees of the company. The best part is we're all users of Pleo ourselves - so it's a very applicable tool. It impacts anyone in a company who could spend money on behalf of their business - be it a coffee with clients or a Mac for a new hire.

What does it revolve around?

For us, the most important stakeholders are our users. We have a very special relationship with them - we even build most of our product features based on what they're looking for. We get so excited when our clients share their unboxing of their Pleo cards on LinkedIn, and see how dramatically Pleo can solve their pains. We as employees also share our own pains, and then we come together to try and solve them.

As an Account Manager your primary point of contact are the Pleo admins. These are the CFOs, CEOs, MDs, Operations Directors and everyone else who might be the decision maker in regards to the spending policy in a company. We ensure that our Pleo admins are knowledgeable about the product and equipped to roll out our product to all their employees. You should be able to and feel comfortable speaking to everyone - your touch points will range from Financial Assistants and interns to CFOs and MDs.

Who's the team?

On the sales side of things, we're a team that's a mix of business development representatives and account managers. The BDRs (as we like to call them) help AMs book meetings.

What's up to me?

Pretty simply - to bring the good news of Pleo to your country, and get them to use it. The nice thing is there's so much freedom here. If you're an expert outbounder - do that. If you're a genius with email outreach, go that way. You will have targets of new active users - but how you get them is up to you. You'll also be supported by marketing - who deliver warm leads straight into your pipe (at a above-industry-standard rate).

What markets are we in?

Great question! We currently service over 2000 clients in Denmark, UK, and now even Sweden and Germany. Saying that, Pleo users can (and have) used their cards all over the world - from Québec to Cape Town!

Germany, you say? 🇩🇪

Our customers have started to request Pleo in Germany. And as we said, when they talk we listen. This is why we are opening up our first position to service the German market - the one you're reading right now. If you're ready to bring the end to expensing pains to Germany get into your socks and sliders and walk right into this role.

The skills you need to master this role

  • Ambition - lots of it

  • Optimistic leadership - the ability to trust in the rest of the team and bring out the best in them

  • Winning attitude - knowing that there are easy days and hard days and the ability to get through them both

  • Pipeline management - Our sales process is dynamic and fast. You are geared to close sales every day!

  • A background in sales - experience in managing a sales team a plus!

  • An entrepreneurial mindset - we need you to build our German presence (and team!)

  • Great communication skills

  • Time management

  • Ability to work in a high energy sales environment 🔥

  • Fluent in German

Your colleagues say you

  • Work in English with ease (it's our company language)

  • Are easy to work with

  • Leave no lead unturned

  • Are a team player - we have no room for sharp elbows or politics in our sales teams

  • Share knowledge

  • Ask for feedback all the time

  • Are a person they would also enjoy having a coffee with (virtual or not)

Your mom says that you

  • Don't need to be told twice to get things done

  • Take on challenges

  • Put on a brave smile even when you don't want to

  • Were always going to make her proud (moms)

Show me the benefits!

  • If you're here in Copenhagen's HQ: catered lunch in the office

  • Get your own Pleo card for no out of pocket spending, and full autonomy

  • Full team get togethers in the form of team camps around the world - remotes flown in (around once a quarter) - next one's in Austria. Just saying!

  • Equipment needed for the job

  • A competitive warrant programme in line with your salary

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. Through fintech we've seen a way to impact how people work; we think company spending should be delegated to all employees and teams, that it should be as automated as possible, and that it should drive a culture of responsible spending.

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Sammenhold & Goder

Hos Pleo Technologies ApS går de op i, at alle kollegaerne har det godt sammen. Derfor laver de dedikeret teambuilding minimum én gang om måneden. Pleo Technologies ApS synes, at fredagsbar er en god måde at komme sammen, derfor har de en ugentligt. I Pleo Technologies ApS er der meget at fejre, derfor kan du forvente firmafester på månedlig basis. Pleo Technologies ApS er drømmearbejdspladsen for dig, der elsker at rejse. Hele virksomheden tager nemlig på ferie sammen 3-4 gange om året. Hvis du får en dårlig nats søvn så frygt ej, der er rigeligt med gratis kaffe, så du kan holde dig kørende. Uden mad og drikke dur helten ikke. Det ved de, og derfor har de selvfølgelig en frokostordning.

  • Team­building
  • Fredagsbar
  • Større fester
  • Rejser
  • Kaffe
  • Frokostordning


I Pleo Technologies ApS arbejder der 45 medarbejdere, så du vil aldrig være ensom. Der er mange forskellige nationaliteter, faktisk hele 15. Du vil derfor have rig mulighed for at blive klogere på andre kulturer end den danske. Der tales primært engelsk i virksomheden. Mere end halvdelen af virksomhedens medarbejdere er mænd. De vækster meget og alene i år planlægger de at ansætte 25 nye kollegaer, og måske kan du blive en af dem.

  • Inter­nationalt
  • Engelsk
  • Mange nye kolleger

Belønning og feedback

Hvis du leder efter et job, hvor du kan stige i graderne, så er Pleo Technologies ApS det helt rigtige sted for dig. Deres typiske belønning til medarbejdere der gør det rigtig godt, er nemlig en forfremmelse. De vil sikre, at du har det godt og alt går i den retning, du ønsker. Derfor afholder de evalueringssamtaler med dig på månedlig basis.

  • Evaluerings­samtaler


Pleo Technologies ApS går op i din udvikling og tilbyder derfor intern uddannelse for at forbedre dine kompetencer. Dem som vil mere har gode forudsætninger i Pleo Technologies ApS. De foretrækker nemlig at rekruttere ledere indefra. Pleo Technologies ApS går op i dig som person og vil derfor gerne holde på dig, selvom du bliver træt af dine arbejdsopgaver. Der er derfor mulighed for at skifte afdeling eller opgaver, hvis der er brug for det. Hvis du vil være specialist, er dette det rette sted for dig. Den typiske udviklingsmulighed er nemlig mere komplekse arbejdsopgaver og derved mere ansvar. Når du bliver ansat i virksomheden bliver de første dage afsat til at oplære dig, så du er klar til dine nye arbejdsopgaver.

  • Intern uddannelse
  • Mulighed for forfremmelse
  • Nye arbejds­opgaver
  • Oplæring


Klarer du det godt i Pleo Technologies ApS, bliver du ikke overset. De fokuserer på individet og belønner dem, der klarer det godt. Her arbejdes der typisk selvstændigt, så man ikke er afhængig af andre for at nå i mål. Derfor stiller de forventninger til, at du i udgangspunktet selv løfter opgaven.


I Pleo Technologies ApS fokuserer de på, at medarbejderne selv skal tage ansvar for deres effektivitet, mål og vejen dertil. Her overlader ledelsen store beslutninger til det team der er ansvarlig for den givne opgave, og koordinerer derefter med andre relevante parter.


I organisationen er der kun to ledelseslag. Der er derfor ikke langt fra top til bund. I forlængelse af det, beskriver de sig selv som en flad organisation. Der bliver arbejdet fokuseret, og tingene må hellere tage en time længere end blive gjort halvt. De er en organisation med lav gennemsnitsalder. I Pleo Technologies ApS sidder medarbejderne i et åbent kontorlandskab. Du vil altså være tæt på dine kollegaer i din daglige arbejdsgang. Pleo Technologies ApS har et godt fundament. Derfor er det næste år dedikeret til at vækste virksomheden.


De daglige beslutninger i Pleo Technologies ApS bliver truffet af medarbejderne. I Pleo Technologies ApS er de åbne omkring op- og nedture. Du vil derfor både vide når det går godt og når det går mindre godt. De strategiske beslutninger bliver i udgangspunktet taget under stærkest indflydelse af den øverste ledelse. I Pleo Technologies ApS vil de gå langt for at motivere deres medarbejder. Faktisk så langt, at de er åbne for at give ejerandele af virksomheden ud til deres medarbejdere.

  • Mulighed for optioner/andele