Terms of service for candidates

Last updated: May 24, 2018


The collection of information on Statum takes place within the framework of the applicable legislation. Statum has been applied to the Data Inspectorate as a publicly available information database and is thus subject to the provisions of the law on mass media information databases. If Statum is handling personal data that is not publicly available, processing will be in accordance with the Personal Data Act.
In these terms, “we” refers to the data controller and data processor(s).


Personal Information – Statum Candidate Platform

When you create an application or a a career profile in our database, it will be registered and stored by the data controller and data processor.
The purpose of the registration is, of course, that companies interested in your personality and qualifications will be able to contact you through Statum’s platform.
Personal information that potentially identifies you (email address, name, address and phone number) is, as a rule, not available to businesses.
Therefore, be aware that you should not write information that can identify you in fields other than those specified.
Companies can read and search the relevant qualifying information so that they can determine if you are interested in them. If the company wishes to come into contact with you, you will be contacted by Statum. If you are interested, you can choose to initiate a dialogue and release your identity. Then we are not responsible for the company’s processing of personal relationships and other matters. If you are not interested in the inquiry, you may decline your contact and remain anonymous.
Statum records which employers and recruitment firms re-read and contact candidates, and all contact is made through Statum.


Sensitive information

You may not enter or upload sensitive personal information such as religion, race, political affairs, union, sexual orientation or health information on Statum. We are not allowed to register such information, and if we become aware that they exist, we will remove them or in the worst case the entire profile without notice.



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